فيلم Kainan 1890 2015

فيلم Kainan 1890 2015

الفيلم التاريخي Kainan 1890 2015 بطولة كاتسوما شينوري وكنان إيجى وأوزاوا مشاهدة اون لاين على موقع افلام تى فى

القصة Ertugrul, launched in 1863, was a sailing frigate of the Ottoman Navy. While returning from a goodwill voyage from Japan in 1890, she encountered a typhoon off the coast of Wakayama Prefecture, subsequently drifted into a reef and sank. The maritime accident resulted in the loss of 533 sailors, including Admiral Ali Osman Pasha. Only sixty-nine sailors and officers survived and returned home later aboard two Japanese corvettes. The event is still commemorated as a foundation stone of Japanese-Turkish friendship
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